Vray - wrong textures/materials

Since this bug hasn’t been fixed when I upgraded to vray 3 today, I have to make this post. I haven’t found any topics anywhere adressing this problem.

Situation context

Workstation 1 - sketchup pro 17
Workstation 2 - sketchup pro 17
Workstation 3 - sketchup pro 17 with V-ray


3D models made and textured on workstation 1 or 2 are opened up on workstation 3 with vray to make renderings. In most cases (90%) - multiple materials and textures are completely different on the vray computer than on the ‘normal’ workstations without vray installed.
I can disable the vray plugin on workstation 3 and open the SU files made on the other computer. Everything is correct once I do that. But once I enable the vray extension while the file is open - all the textures change immediately.
The textures are not saved and/or loaded from a network drive - and should all be correctly included in the file.

Does anyone know a solution for this very annoying problem?

Have you tried contacting anyone from Vray?

No I havent - yet. Thought I would try it the ‘quick’ way trough forums

It is evident that V-ray older and new version do not carry between machines very well.

I am also finding that jumping between machine is quite difficult.

Is this regarding the “render”? or just SketchUp viewport?

and are all 3 workstation on same OS? I have noticed this issue going from windows to MAC in the older versions.

It is a difficult one since SketchUp stores and dumps all the image files in different locations depending on the OS.

We only have 1 version of v-ray so that can’t be the problem.

All machines run on W7 64bit and the same version of sketchup.

Both the SU viewport (and the ‘render’) look show different materials than the source file.

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