Vray for SketchUp new

I just download vray for sketchup, but the materials list is blank in the vray toolbar. Do i need to download materials to use the toolbars?

Can you be more specific or attach a screenshot? Are you talking about the default materials library or materials in the model? And by toolbar, do you actually mean toolbar (ie icons) or the Asset Editor?

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Yes after I installed vray for skp…the asset editor has a list of material that is blank… is there supposed to be a default to start with?

It appears you have materials in your model already and they are showing up in your materials list as number s’1,2,3…’ If you expand the little arrow tabs on left and right of Asset Editor you’ll see more options for customizing SU materials in model or adding VRAY materials from library.

Check out this post with link to an overview of VRAY features for SU. Specifically, the section on materials. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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On the left edge of that window, you’ll see a little left arrow < . Click on it to expose the materials tray, where you’ll find all the included materials that come with Vray.

oh awesome thanks!

thank you so much!