Vray Dark Textures "Blur" / "Mottled Effect" in Mirror


While rendering in Sketchup Using Vray I have come across an issue with using dark textures (such as black or dark grey)

The problem is that when the texture is reflected in a mirror, it becomes “blurry” or “mottled”. This make the texture look totally different to how it is supposed to look and how it looks when it’s not being reflected in a mirror.

I’ve attatched some examples below to explain. If anyone could provide some advice on how to solve the issue it would be greatly appriciated.

Many Thanks

Do you have Denoiser enabled? Turn it off and render again and see if there are differences.


Just wondering: Check too the properties of your mirror material. You are perhaps looking for a more perfect mirror than is physically possible or that the defaults of the material are set to.