Vray dark outside and HDMR not showing on ground

Hi there, Could someone please tell me why it looks dark outside and my HDMR not showing on the ground level? Is this because the geo location is set in sketchup? I tried updating spherical and environment on but that didn’t work.
Also how can I improve the interior lighting?

Thankyou. Sorry can you show me where to find the HDRI value please?

Hi, The value already appears to be max. Is this right?

Also do you know why the fire wouldnt be showing on the interactive render?

Upload your model here, or to an online drive like Dropbox (if too large) so we can take a closer look.

Ignore the advice you received previously. Look here under Intensity. You have it set to 2. Most HDRI files need to be bumped up higher than that. I tend to start with a value of 65 or even 75 for Intensity. It will look too bright in the preview here but should look better in the render.

Thanks. That looks better. Do you know why this rectangle light is looking like strip lighting? It’s on the outside of the stained glass windows. I’ve tried adjusting the settings with no luck yet.

It looks like light ‘leaking’ through your walls. Do your walls have a ‘thickness’? Like 8 inches or 300mm? Just a single face may allow light to come through at the corners.