hello, could someone help me with the window settings, I don’t want them to be blurry

Can you explain more what you mean by ‘blurry’?

look at the windows, they are not showing the view from outside

I think that is the default V-ray sky dome. You should perhaps choose a different one.

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That’s what I thought but wanted to be sure. As @Anssi says, you need to either have some exterior context modeled or download an HDRI that has a background that you want to see out that window. Note that the HDRI can be used for both environmental lighting and background image so keep that in mind if all you want is the image while keeping your lighting as is.

If helpful:

If you would like I can share with you a HDRI that I personally use for my projects. Remember to use dome light instead of environments. As the dome light will affect the lighting of the interior space depending on how bright you set them and all. Just hit me up.