Background images for interior renders

Hello All!

I am looking for an advice how to have a nice view from the window when rendering interior concepts. Let’s say I have a living room with very big windows into a nice backyard. How do you recreate a realistic background outside so it looks nice and realistic in the render? I am having trouble with that.

HDRIs do not help, because their scale is never right and I can never get ir right. Moreover the ground is looking awful and not in perspective at all. In addition, if you start fiddling with scale of HDRI you end up with multiple suns creating shadows from left right and center…

I usually end up searching for an image on shutter stock and importing it outside my model. But it takes forever to find a good image.

Finite Dome

Hi, Mihai,

Thank you for your feedback. However, whenever I watch a tutorial it seems that I do not have all the settings that are shown in the tutorial. Same this time. I dont see an option for Finite Dome


V-Ray 6


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There’s also a plugin called sky dome, it’s useful if you don’t want to make realistic renders.