HDRI’s Vray for sketch up

Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help me and point me in the right direction. I’m an interior designer and wanting vray hdri’s for an outlook of my residential model. This could be in a backyard with neighboring houses, a cliff top or mountain view but to find these hdri’s seems to be impossible!!
I see there are plenty landscape, industrial urban or seascape hdri’s but these are not ideal outlooks from my residential models. Happy to pay for them just need to know where to find them!

Free: HDRIs • Poly Haven
Paid: https://www.pg-skies.net/

Try HDRI-hub. Paul took one of my suggestions

Hi Alicia

Have you looked at Poliigon.com

They have an impressive collection of HDRI’s

Best of luck

Hi yes, I’ve looked at all these places. I find them all very similar and not what I’m after for the outlook of a residential home

My solution: Ballyvarnet Lane - The Hertford
Build a basic env (garden, fence etc), surround it by trees and then have ‘fancy’ shutters or net curtains on the windows.
When that’s not enough we get the client to provide a pano of what’s there and use it within the model Kirbys Meadow - The Apartments

Thanks for this! Re the pano, can you easily add it to vray for sketch up? I’ve only known adding the hdri via the dome but if I can add pano images even from shutterstock or something this would give a whole lot of new options

To give you an idea of my model it’s an exposed pitched roof with sliding doors all around and full window gable end so it’s important I get a great view

The pano we got from the client I simply imported the jpg image in SU and applied it to a curved surface outside the window, I then repositioned/scaled/rotated the curved object til it looked about right from within the model.
I’ve never had any success with using HDRI as actual backgrounds (other than simple skys) as they are never the scale I want, I only use them for the environmental lighting they provide.

Paul, how did you make the virtual tour? Nice renderings. Thanks.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Rendered with Enscape 8000x4000 px each pano (approx 5mins each to render). Tours made with 3DVista.
I’ve done about 30 of them since Covid with all the show homes being closed.

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Thanks Paul, I have found a pano image in shutter stock that is 10097x3618 pixels 85.5 × 30.6 cm • 300 DPI • JPEG. Do you know how big I have to make the curved object for it to be placed on? Last time I did this (not really knowing how big to make the object) the image came out distorted - was to small for it (hope that makes sense).
Also re: hdri’s I had the same problem with the distortion of them but found that if I chose ‘screen’ view on the options of the image in vray it would sort it out.

The one I used was about 160deg wide so I made that much of an arc and then made its height match the image aspect. After that it was just a case of scaling/positioning it to suit the view out the window.
10k x 3k is a ■■■■ big image for SU, considering it’s only for the background I’d consider reducing it to 4k and if it looks ok FOR A BACKGROUND then I’d try 3k, if it doesn’t look ok then I’d try going up to 5k etc etc.
In my case I only need enough to cover the primary view, all other windows ‘conveniently’ had ‘stylish’ shutters and I could get way with Enscape’s std tree line/sky