Realistic backgrounds


Looking for some advice. I do a lot of work in the Palm Springs area and the mountains are important for visualization of my projects. What is the best way to get a 360 background around a model?

I’ve tried:

  1. Shooting a panorama with my camera and pasting in on a curved plane. Works for one view but not others.
  2. Loading topography of the area from geo-location, model is WAY to big to function.
  3. Tried Placemaker, cannot seem to get a large enough area to be useful.
  4. Tried Google Earth, can’t seem to figure out how that works. Won’t render.

Hive mind, thoughts?


Steve from PSP

Google search for HDRI will bring many choices, some free, some $$$

360 - created using a few photos stitched together

There’s a plugin called sky dome, it has some preloaded hdri images and you can also download more from internet and use them with that plugin as well

Check my. , YouTube video for CONTINUOUS BACKGROUND on my Channel, Christopher A Krupp architect for a SU native tools method that requires no extension. You can use your own photos.
26 more SU vids as well, check em all out.