Importing and Creating Background Image

I am still a new-bee at sketchUp and I would like to know how one can import an image and paste it onto the background. A lot of 3D programs on can perform this feature. For an example a photograph is used as a back-drop (stationary) and in the foreground scene models can move and camera views can change, but the image stays constantly perpendicular to the viewer. How do you achieve this in SketchUp… If some one explain this procedure or point me towards documentation or tutorial, it would be of great help. :slight_smile:

There are several options for that. You can make a watermark (check out the Help files on that) as a background or you can apply the image to a surface as a texture. The surface might be a large radius cylinder so that the background changes as you orbit around the model.

There is a device called a “sky dome.” Search for that in the 3D Warehouse.


Gully any video to understand how to use “Sky dome”

Thank you gentlemen for your information :slight_smile: DaveR I went to the help files on Watermarks and managed to execute the background Image in SketchUp. I was searching all this time for “background” - but I could never find what I was really looking for…Thanks.

I will have to look up skydome as well :slight_smile:

Not really all that much to understand, particularly if you use one of the ready-made ones, of which there are a wide variety. A sky dome is a big dome with a sky painted on the inside. It’s a component. You bring it into your model file, place it round side up over your scene, and wheel the camera inside. And there you have it: a panoramic sky.

Painting the sky texture seamlessly all over the inside surface of the dome isn’t easy without U-V mapping software. But some of the existing ones are pretty nice.

Here’s one from the “outside.”

and the same one from “inside.”