How to use hdri background

I cannot import 3d hdri background.
should I transform hdr file to psd-file or is there another way around?

Normally you would insert those within a rendering program.

I don´t use rendering software so far. There was no need.

May be there´s an extension doing the job?

HDRI is not possible directly in SketchUp, an extension will not change this.

How about unreal engine render? It´s free.
Or do you have any suggestion which render for reasonable cost to use?

I am not sure wether you can import your own backgrounds but the unreal engine rendering software comes with some backgrounds to choose from as an alternative you can photoshop backgrounds into your sketchup model before printing them by selecting a color that is not used in your model then select the color in photoshop and replace it with a nice background

If you’re running without a rendering solution you could import a Skydome in Sketchup and simulate the sky that way. There’s a bunch of sky domes on the 3DWH.

unreal engine provides plugin for HDRI imports, I learned.
I going to test it.

Hi, thanks for that tipp.
It looks like the most easy way to use with our models.

Hi MatthB,

I struggle with setup skydome.
Since it´s a skp file I can´t import as background?
You got an idea, please?

You import the Skydome model into the model you’re working on. There’s a bunch of tutorials on Youtube, go check them out.

Thanks, I will do that…

for 2020 you should look at: