How do I change the environment background colours in Sketchup Free?

My scene is set in space. I need it black, with stars. How do I change the background colours in the free version of Sketchup, please?

hello, you will only be able to change the color, in the style panel. (right side of the screen, 6th icon from the bottom). modify the current style or a newly created one, you’ll be able to set sky, horizon and ground colors, but won’t be able to set a texture as background.

You could also create (half) a huge sphere , with a texture applied to it, which diameter is wide enough (so long away enough) to dupe spectator.

I believe sketchup will suit you very well with the project you have, but maybe you should look out for renderers and what they allow you to do. You can model your cities in sketchup and worry about textures / lights later.
many renderers can use skydomes, HDRi environments and a night sky HDRi could be applied to satisfy your needs

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In SketchUp Free (web) there is no way to edit the sky color for the style short of choosing a different style from one of the collections. Open the Styles panel and click on the search icon at the top.

Then open one of the collections and choose a suitable style.
Screenshot - 10_15_2023 , 7_25_55 AM

To actually edit styles you need at least SketchUp Go. To do what Paul suggested in editing styles requires SketchUp Pro. Otherwise his suggestion of creating a sky dome works but you’ve already been doing that based on another thread you started.

I downloaded Sketchup Studio (trial) and it gives me way more options. Thank you.

Of course it does because you are using SketchUp Pro there. You asked about SketchUp Free, in the title of your thread and body of your first post. I answered based on that.

Are you going to go ahead and get the subscription to SketchUp Studio?

Not unless I decide I need Vray. Its very expensive. Sketchup Pro, maybe. I’m also interested in hiring someone to build my city nicely. I just can’t compete with these amazing artists. I used to do a lot of 3D printing for robotic components, but Sketchup is more about story mapping for me now. As it stands, I only need 1 map. $1200 would get me a very nice map if I paid an artist. Also, even though Sketchup is easier than Blender, Sketchup charges a fortune for poorly updated software. The date picker looks like something from the 1990s and is set to 2013 by default, and the controls are terrible in large maps. They were horrible for robotic components, and polygons in spheres kept cracking open. I can’t believe a sphere still isn’t a basic shape in this program. Even for architects, spheres are everywhere, including doorknobs and light bulbs. Vectors might be the way to go, but I don’t think the owners of Trimble really care. They do the bare minimum. There are thousands of suggestions here, which are often ignored. No pride. Coding changes often take less than one day.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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Even more amazing is that setting the starting year to the release year of your software takes 3 seconds.

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