Changing the back ground color in sketchup

I am trying to figure out the best way to change the background color to
white. When I make my scenes I have the Sky and the ground colors.
I would like it to be totally white. So when I bring my scenes into layout
they will be white. Is this something I can do in Layout or in SUP.
Thank you Steve Z.

If you go onto the “Styles” docker/window/rollup and click on the third box icon in on the “edit” tab (background settings) there is an option to set the background colour and turn the sky/ground off.

After you do what Inspector Gadget suggested, make sure you update the style by clicking on its thumbnail in the upper left of the Styles window. After you edit the style you’ll see circular arrows on the thumbnail. Clicking on it will update the style for the model.

If you want to have the white background all the time, you can open a new SketchUp file and edit the style. Update it and then use File>Save as template to save it and make it your new default style.

Thanks guys,
Another question. Whats the best way to deal with all the layers I have
created. I’m not fond of the way layers is set up in sketchup. I see that there is a
layers manager extension is this helpful. And then there’s outliner whats the best route.
Thank you Steve Z.

First, Outliner has nothing to do with layers. It only shows components and groups and gives sort of textual idea about how the model is set up.

What is it about layers that you don’t like. Perhaps you don’t have a clear understanding of how layers are used in SketchUp? They have one purpose and that is to control visibility of entities. Unlinke other programs that use layers, layers in SketchUp do nothing to provide separation. You should make sure you are following the rules. Keep Layer 0 active at all times. Draw all edges and faces on Layer 0 and leave them associated with Layer 0. Only associate groups and components with other layers. And then use the layer visibility check boxes to control which layers are visible for a given scene.

To start with, you need to understand that Layers and the Outliner deal with completely different concepts. Layers are a way to share a visibility setting across multiple objects. They do not collect or organize objects on any basis except visibility. The Outliner presents an overview of the Group and Component structure of your model.

Argh! Once again speedy Dave beat me to it while I was typing!

Thanks Again y’all have a great day.
Steve Z.

How does one find “Styles” docker/window/rollup. Does this apply to Sketchup Make or Sketchup Pro?


Since you haven’t completed your profile, I’ll assume you have SU2016 on Windows. The Styles window will be found in the Tray which is normally displayed on the right side.