Background color change


There is a bluish color on the back ground which used to be white (screenshot). any suggestions for how to turn it back to white?
I wonder if this is connected to losing objects when I ‘send to back’. Is there a layer I’m missing?
Even if I select the entire area and change the FILL, it still stays the same bluish color.


The background color (in SketchUp) is saved with the style, maybe it’s not white for your inserted model and the active scene?


Are you using a section plane in your model? The visibility of the section plane is tied to the Style as well. You want to make sure your styles are updated in the model.


Thanks. I checked and the background and ground are white in the SU model.
I’ve updated the style, too. I haven’t set up a section in the model, either.


Do you have an example file with this behaviour?