Layout, why the pale yellow color and how do i rid of it?

Hello All,
I am still a newbie to SU and Layout, so please bear with me.

When I move my 2D drawing from SU over to Layout some of the areas are a pale yellow color. I have been trying to find the setting, however not sure what the proper terminology , a surface color? or where the correction is to be found. I want the design to be all white background.

Sorry for the simple question, and thank you to all that answer on this forum.


Test layout design.layout (853.0 KB)

The yellow color is coming from the front face color you haveselected for the style in SketchUp. You can see that when you orbit the camera to look at the model from an angle.

If you want to get rid of that yellow color, select a style that has a white front face color or edit the one you are using to white.

Before you send to LayOut you should first set up a scene in the SketchUp model with the Camera set to Parallel Projection, not Perspective, and using the Top view.
Here’s what you model looks like the way you have it set up. You should not be able to see the blue axis if the view is set up correctly for this.

Like this:

See the attached file.
Test layout design not yellow.layout (1.7 MB)

Sorry for my ignorance,
How do i change the color?
When I drop down the View tab on top i don’t have and color choice. the option of monochromatic does not seem to make a difference.

And, When I go into the styles on the right hand tool bar, I see the ability to change face color, again not seeing the change to my design.

Found It !!

Thank you DaveR

Sorry. I was away from my computer for a while. Glad you got it sorted.