Surface Rendering Issue

Here’s a SU drawing, exported to Layout. All surfaces are facing the right way, and all colors on the box are the same shade of brown. The problem is, on page 2 the top of the lower box renders in gray instead of brown.

I tried re-painting white, then brown; several times. Save, then refresh the Layout— no change, same color. On page 1, the color renders properly. On page 2, not so much.

Anyone have a clue what’s happening here and how to fix it?

Stand.layout (322.7 KB)

I don’t see any gray except on the rods and they are gray in the model.

Basically the same as what I see in your model. In the plan view the angled faces are shown a darker brown but that’s to be expected due to the shading of the 3D object.

One thing I do see that ought to be fixed is the way you are modifying the Camera properties for the viewports. That’s a recipe for some mayhem.

Here’;s a quick rework of your file. Mayhem averted.
Stand revised.layout (686.2 KB)

H’mmm. When I reopen that file, page two, top view shows grey. It doesn’t for you. Wonder why.

I just started defining the views in Layout from one SU scene, instead of saving individual scenes showing the different views. It seemed like it would make my workflow smoother: design the object in SU, communicate it in LO. Are you saying it’s poor process to rely on LO to shift the views?

Graphics card maybe?

It’s fine until you need to go back and make edits to the model that need to be updated in LayOut and that require you to reset the Camera properties. Then you end up with something like this.

Better process is to create appropriate scenes in SketchUp and use for the viewports in LayOut. Your workflow might be faster on the front end but will create more work for you later and make you say bad words. This one isn’t all that complex so it wouldn’t take a long time to fix but you’d have to redo the dimensions. In a more complex project this can be a huge time sink.

If you look at the SketchUp file embedded in my LO file you’ll see there are only 5 scenes. Not that hard to manage.

I noticed you reduced the scenes by superimposing, rather than displacing like I did. I generally don’t do it that way because I’ve had issues with inferencing.

Thanks for the suggestions, Dave.

You could make separate scenes for both versions if you want. They can still be superimposed and just control tag visibility in Sketchup rather than in LayOut… I did it the way I did because the poles are the same in both instances so there was no need to duplicate them. Easier to manage at least in my workflow.