The grass and sky background in SketchUp copies when I send my drawing to LayOut?

I am very new to SketchUp and LayOut. My SketchUp drawings always have a grass and sky image behind them. When I send a drawing to LayOut, the grass and sky also copy. How can I eliminate that?

Hello. Welcome to SketchUp! :slight_smile: Usually, you can disable the background by removing the checkmark beside “Background” in the SketchUp Model > Styles tab in LayOut. But it won’t work in this case because you have a sky and a ground. You want to change your style to something else.
“Shaded with Textures” should do the job. It puts a white background in your model but make sure you uncheck it from the Styles tab to make it transparent.

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You might find it makes the most sense to edit the style to change the background to white.

In the Styles window, click on the Edit tab. Then edit the background color as needed and turn off Sky and Ground.

The thumbnail will show the circular arrows indicating the style has been modified. Click on the thumbnail or the circular arrows on the right side to update it.