3d to 2d in layout but has a background that needs to come off

Hello. I am new here. I am trying to help my son. He drew his 3D image in sketchup. He needs in on grid paper with a scale. When he exports to LayOut there is a background that is covering the grids. Can anyone help?

It would help if you share the LO file so we can see the exact setup. Probably he needs to edit the style in SketchUp and turn off Ground and Sky, update the style and then in the SketchUp Model panel in LO, unclick the Background check box.

LOHM.pdf (45.9 KB)

Okay I tried what you suggested. We are very new at this but we could not find the Ground and Sky to turn off.

Please send the LayOut file, not a PDF. I’ll happily show you how to do what needs doing if you give me the LayOut file. There’s no way to do it with the PDF.

LayOutHM.layout (658.7 KB)

Thank you very much for your help.

Look closely at the Styles panel in my screenshot. In SketchUp go to the Styles panel and make sure it’s set to In Model. Click on the little dog house. In the background settings turn off the Sky and set the Background color to white by clicking on the square to the right of Background. After editing the style click on the large thumbnail at the top left of the Styles panel to update the style.

Also he should create a scene for each view he needs. Save the changes.

In LayOut, right click on the viewport and choose Update Model Reference. Then in the SketchUp Model panel select the scene that was created for the view. In the Style section of the SketchUp Model panel untick Background if it is ticked. Also set an appropriate scale.

What is this thing and how will the drawing be used? How old is your soon?

My son is 14. This is a hydro mulcher he built for agricultural mechanics. I think our problem is that we don’t have that Default Tray in SketchUp. I have it in LayOut. I clicked every toolbar option but still can’t find the Default Tray.

Go to the Window menu and click on the first menu item.
Screenshot - 3_16_2023 , 3_11_22 PM

Oh my goodness. We managed to do it with your amazing help! Thank you so so much! I may be back for more help.

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I am back. How do we print with the gridlines to show? Also, is there a way to toggle grids so that we can see which size is best for us?

File>Document Setup>Grid.
Screenshot - 3_16_2023 , 3_32_44 PM
Tick the box to Print Grid. Adjust the spacing, subdivisions, and colors as desired.

Thank you so so so much!

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I am sorry to bother you again but you are so knowledge and we are not. How do we turn it landscape and then we would like the drawing to fill more of the page. The landscape box is shaded so that we can’t select it.

File>Document Setup>Paper, change to Landscape at the top.
Screenshot - 3_16_2023 , 3_56_01 PM

Adjust the scale in the SketchUp Model panel.

To help achieve your goals spend some time with the interactive tutorials at SketchUp Campus. BTW You need to triple-click on the item you wish to make as a component.

Mr. Dave, Boston and I appreciate all your help. Again, thank you very much.

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