Question about Layout styles

Could someone please help me understand why when I send to layout and remove the tick to turn off the background it works fine as a vector but if I use hybrid the background will not turn off.
The style I am trying to use is the architect design, but if I select grey-scale style then it works fine for vector or hybrid?
Demos.layout (547.7 KB)

In SketchUp turn off the sky and update the style.

If you had drawn the house standing up vertically instead of laying down on the ground plane you would have seen the sky in the background in LayOut. In a sense you can think of the sky and ground as sort of textures. Rendering in Hybrid displays textures and the sky and ground colors if they are turned on.

Unless you find the sky color useful, I would suggest turning it off for your template’s default style. Personally I prefer to have no sky or ground color and the background color set to white.

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Thanks Dave, i appreciate you explaining and for showing a screen shot as well.

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