Add Image as background that moves with the model

Hi, I’m pretty new to this and want to add an image as a background/surface . I’ve tried the watermark function which seems to work but when I move the model the background image stays put. Can I lock the model and watermark together somehow?

Create a large surface in the background and import your image as a texture applied to the surface. Think of it as a backdrop on a stage. If the image is suitable, you could create a large cylinder and apply the background image to the inside of it.

Use File>Import and select the file type. Make sure Use as Texture is selected.

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Having some kind of image igloo/sphere that as background would be quite cool. and could be useful for orienting in the model. Unfortunately it’s not possible as for now.

that’s great, thank you!

We used that in a recent post:

Credits people: @josephkim626
Credits background:


Good luck with it.

I was just playing with a found background image. It’s not quite right but it should give you the idea.


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