How to get image to background?

I have seen a model where there was mountains as image on the background (not a texture). How can one get the image there?

E.g. here:
Snowy mountain terrain

And also, is it possible to use animations in SU? Eg. animation of fire in fireplace.

It is a style setting, you can add watermarks.
Have a look at the knowledge base, there is a lot you can learn!

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What makes you think it’s a ‘background’ image? It seems that it is just imported as image (File>import).

If you mean manipulating movements of objects and camera, there is a plugin: Animator by fredo6
If you’re after for animated texture possibility, check this: ImageAnimator
and this: Animated Textures in LightUp

Thank you Mike. I have found that the background image is usable. I will need to do that rather as panorama around model.

Thank you filibis, I will check it too.

I have seen the demo video of Lightup. Cool thing. The light sources. It is payed and I will rather stay with free software.

you can’t do this…

but I can…


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