Good afternoon and Happy New Year

I’m looking for Backgrounds to import from resources compatible with Sketchup such as seasonal ones for Winter snow, summer, etc. It starts from the default tray under “Styles” But can’t find the images to import. Thanks for the help.

hmmm any jpg or png on your computer really. it could be a photo, an illustration, something made by a talented human or an ai.

as long as the image is on your computer, you can import it as a watermark and place it in the background.

see this video from Aaron

(there are several other watermark videos)

oh hum, sorry, your answer slipped through the cracks, didn’t see it.

from the small preview (you deleted the message but I can see the history :wink: ) I’d say you were looking down too much for the background images to look right.

If you want, share a file (either one) so I can show you what I mean by that :slight_smile: