Using a Sketchup model in a video

Hi, I’m involved in making a documentary film about an ancient building where only the foundations remain. Using historical information and site measurements, a Sketchup model has been produced of the original building. I also have some aerial film of the location, taken from a steady fixed position. I can import 2D images from the model into the film but getting the exact perspective is just hit and miss. Ideally, I’d like to take a frame from the video, place it on the sketchup background (in place of the coloured background) then I could manipulate the models perspective and size into the exact position I need. Once I’m there, I can export a series of 2D images to illustrate the construction is its original location.

I thought this would be easy but as a novice, I’m really baffled. My sketchup skills are very modest and the original model was created by someone who is not involved in the project any longer so I can’t tap into their knowledge base.


You may be able to do this via the Styles manager panel.
Window > Styles
Click the little house icon for the “In Model” style list.
Hilight the style to change, and click the “Edit” tab.

Click the middle (3rd) icon with the “Background Settings” tooltip.
Uncheck (turn off) the “Sky” and “Ground”.

Switch to the (4th) “Watermark” icon.
And see if you can set the image as a watermark.

Save changes to this “In Model” style when finished.

An alternative is to use SketchUp’s MatchPhoto feature.
Do forum searches on “PhotoMatch” or “MatchPhoto” (as people use both terms in questions.)

You import an image for matching using:
File (menu) > Import…
Change the filetype to “All supported image types”,
Change the import action to “New Matched Photo” (it’ll be “Image” by default),
Browse and select an image, and click OK.

See the User Guide section: Matching a Photo to a Model (or a Model to a Photo)

Sounds like a good scenario to use Matched Photo in sketchup.

Thank you Dan, that does exactly what I need. I’d got as far as turning off the sky and ground but couldn’t see the next step so your advise and suggestion has been most helpful. Top marks!

Also for reference: