Weird Lines on Final Vray Render using HDRI Lighting


I’m getting these weird blocky lines on my final high-res render. It seems to be the same problem as this older post here:

I tried all the things there but what I seemed to figure out was, when I turn the HDRI Dome Light Off and use sunlight instead, the lines go away. So I’m thinking that was it but don’t know how to fix this.
Maybe there’s a setting I’m not aware of. I wanted to keep the HDRI and not change the image since this exterior light vibe is the one that the client likes already.

with HDRI

with Sunlight only

bigger render

Here’s a link to all the files: PUBLIC - Google Drive

What exactly are you using for a dome light?

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I’m using an HDRI

I assume this is supplied by VRAY - if so, these are edited by VRAY. You could check that there is no banding on the actual HDRI to start with and is it 32 bit color?
Also, try a few other HDRI’s to see if that fixes the issue.

Also, turn off sky light to check if your ground settings are to blame (blend angle and horizon offset).

When I ran it just now with SU v2022 on Mac with V-Ray v5.20.20 I couldn’t re-produce the problem. Personally, unless it’s affecting many views, it may easier to do some some adjustment in post-production to fix those lines. Also have you tried resetting to default settings for everything except the Dome Light?

Here is my test render with HDRI (missing bump maps etc that are pathed to your local drive):

And while I agree that it’s not the same result with default sun, some quick color corrections can get you pretty close:

yeah. I tried other HDRIs they still show up sadly.

wow, yeah looks okay here. Will try resetting default settings except the Dome Light.

Thanks so much! A simple reset to default settings did the trick. I copied the entire model to a new file. and manually adjust minor settings from there. The lines are gone now. :slight_smile:

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