Vray 4.10 - [SOLVED] HDRI load in white faded

SOLVED: delete the domelight, save the file, reopen it, make sure the sketchup sun is deselected, load HDRI, increase intensity to personal taste, … , profit.

Been trying to learn myself V-ray 4,10 on sketchup pro 2019, but ran in some issues regarding loading custom HDRI files.

While following a video I downloaded the same HDRI file as the video and loaded it in only to come up as it was faded to white.

I’m still very new to V-ray but did pick up some lighting tricks from a few tutorials and have tried to chance my Intensity and EV, but to no use. Also tried resetting to default settings to look if it was cased by other potential settings I might have messed it up when I was clicking around but nothing either.

There’s very little info about this issue with only one forum post I have tried to follow the advice but get lost in the maze of settings and with it coming from 2013 it might not even be able to find it dho to UI chances.

Anyone any idea?

Video - EXTERIOR LIGHTING IN VRAY for SketchUp 3.6 with HDRI, Dome Lights, and Sunlight
HDRI File - hdrihaven noon_grass 8k
forum post - Having trouble with HDRI’s - getting washed out skies

First of all. Did you turn your default SketchUp sun off so as to only use the HDRI?

I tested it just now with all other settings set to default and it seems ok. The preview is a bit misleading as it shows perfect with intensity set to ‘5’.

But clearly that’s too dark still so I bumped up to 75 and preview looked blown out but VFB (render window) looks good.

Additionally, you can adjust some settings in the VFB like exposure, white balance, etc to correct the HDRI as desired.

*Edit - consider saving a copy of your model and resetting all VRAY settings back to default. Also, if you can, upload your model to somewhere like dropbox, google drive, etc and post link here and I can look at it.


Tried the first sugestion and boom problem solved!

Colours are still a bit dark, but thats probebly because I still use our company sketchup colours instead of the Vray libary.

Thanks for the help, this issue is considered Solved!

Glad you got it to work. And yes, Using VRAY materials will help a lot vs SketchUp ones.

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