Vray Bootstrap Phase takes long time



Hi guys,

When I have a detailed model (proxies, modelled 3d objects, plants) It takes too long to building scene phase in sketchup. I am not talking about the rendering time or light cache time, sketchup is stuck at least one hour and then vray starting to calculate…

Are you guys have the same problem with me? I am clicking the render icon and then let the sketchup alone, but nothing happening for a long time…


Sorry for the late response I have only just signed up to these forums.

I have had many instances where this has happened. The easiest fix was the following and I hope it works for you as it did for me.

If this is happening in Vray 3.0

Make sure Sketchup is not running.

Go to C:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming and Rename the “Chaos Group” and “vrayneui” folders to “Chaos Group.old” and “vrayneui.old” respectively.

Open sketchup and launch vray you will need to reconfigure some of the settings but once done should render as normal.

Vray Renders dont go till the end

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