Vray take too long time to render, please help

Hi, my model took like 8 hours only to increase 1% of progress!

i hope anyone can tell me how to fasten up my rendering process.
here is the settings i did.

below is the model file
scene 3,4,5

please reply me asap, cause i need to hand in by this week T-T

Its not really possible to help without knowing the full specifications of your computer. 1280*720 is not much however I would expect it to be a lot quicker even on a very old machine.


You might give the model a purge and see if that helps. It should reduce the file size by over two-thirds. You might also consider properly using layers and turning off visibility for things that won’t show in or affect the scenes.

Have you tried any of the pre-defined quality settings? I see you currently have “custom” settings.

A screenshot of your model would also help to gauge the complexity of it. Also stuff like number of lights, glass etc.

I just rendered your model and it seems to work fine for me. See screenshot below for some changes I made to your settings:

Firstly, I would reduce the quality down and turn denoiser on. Denoiser cleans the image up without adding much to render time. Personally I prefer a bit lower quality with larger image dimensions +denoiser to make up the difference. I also turned on Progressive, switched Global Illumination to Brute Force and saved the light cache from a test render to disk and loaded it from file. You should also purge and fix model under ‘Model Info/Statistics’ in SketchUp.

Lastly, here are my specs. I’m on a laptop so no powerful machine here. 34 min render time.

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Hello, Im sorry to be messaging you here, I have a hand in in two days and my Vray is taking ages to render. Average time is 2 hours.
I followed the instructions on the thread and changed up my settings a little bit, however i cannot change the disk Caching settings.

Please help!

Sketchup Pro 2020
and my graphics card is Radeon Pro 560 4GB

Two hours is not that long for a high quality render with V-Ray. Can you post some screenshots or upload your model so we can get a better idea of the level of detail and resolution you are working at?

I Followed your settings for v-ray as well, and for some reason my rendering scene is still not processing. It comes entirely brown and blurry when I do a normal render, and takes 24 hours for an interactive render and more, so I stopped it since I cannot spent so much time on a render since I have to submit a 12 soon. Can anyone help me please?

Seems to render ok.I reset to default settings. I find when you’re first starting out, stick with default and modify only a few parameters at a time as that will teach you what each does and help mitigate any major issues that may arise. See below for settings. I may have previously shown ‘Progressive’ but typically I don’t use Progressive as it will just keep rendering and rendering. It doesn’t ‘stop’. See here at 2300 pixels wide, it took me just under 2 mins to render. Keep in mind though that all of the material maps weren’t linked since they path to your local drive.

Also, A few tips to improve the render once you get it working ok…first, add an ‘Exposure’ layer to your VFB corrections and reduce your ‘Highlight Burn’. You can add other settings here as well like levels, or Filmic Tonemap to help improve the final result/.

Next, consider your camera angle more carefully. It shows you are at +9 feet high…that’s taller than any person I know. Try 5.5 or 6 feet. 2 meters is close enough. Also, you are neither showing a true one point or two point perspective. Either center the camera on the table or rotate more to make the composition more dynamic.

Let me know if I can help in any other way. Good luck.

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Thank you so much, this helped me so much more than the 100 videos I been watching. My renders seem to be much better now. So big thank you for your support I really appreciate it. Just one last question… I do not seem to have filmic tonemapping on my VFB, Is there a way I can add it?

I may have assumed you have the latest version of V-Ray. Filmic Tonemap is a new editing tool added in version 5. If you don’t have it, do not worry. Playing around with ‘Exposure’, ‘Contrast’ and ‘Levels’ can create a similar look.

Also, you should take a look at our new course that just launched this past week for more training and tips. Cheers - https://learn.sketchup.com/track/v-ray-sketchup

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