Vray Renders dont go till the end

Hi guys, im with this problem that when i make the render it doesnt finish it properly like in the image…anyone know what it the problem??

Not sure, but check to see if there is a time limit check box. Thea renderer has one so you can limit render times, particularly for batch rendering animations that may not need to be top quality.

It might be hardware related, according to your user profile, you only have an integrated graphic card, which would indicate a setup that is not specifically ideal for (profesional) rendering.

You could try this:

Try running the same render under different scenarios to see if you can identify a problem that is causing the hang out. Try first with materials override option enabled to rule out bad materials. Then try turning major model groups/layers off like entourage or lights off to see if something you brought in from external source is the issue.

Report back on if these or any of the others suggestions help.