Vray batch render says finished, but only did half the scenes

Hi everyone,
Im a design student new to sketchup and Vray and lastnight i attempted to create a Vray Animation using the Batch Render option. I saved my rendered irradence map and light cache. It rendered up until scene 10 of 20, the Bottom left status says " Vray is finished rendering" But the status bar window is stuck at 78% and isnt rendering any other scenes.

Any suggestions on how to get it to start again? or am i able to start rendering from scene 10 and not have to start all over?

Again im new so my terminology is probably a little off.
Thanks so much!

Exporting animations and using rendering apps are memory intensive.
Are there any other applications running at the time?
How much RAM memory does your system have ?
When it stops working, can you activate the Task Manager, and see how much memory each application is using ?

The usual wrokaround is to cut up the whole job into smaller exports and use an external video edit application (ie, Windows Live Movie Maker, etc.,) to stitch the smaller exports into a final large video file.