Issues with vram when creating animations

When I render animations in sketchup using vray my render speed slows down dramatically when using rtx after about frame 10 each frame takes 2x as long as the one before. my gpu dedicated memory is increasing by 0.4 gigs after every frame that is generated until it reaches the maximum of 12 gigs my gpu has, why is this happening because when I render with cpu the ram usage is stable and doesn’t increase after each frame rendered.

I tried to make a small video to replicate your issue but I had no problems with vram memory, it could be some settings that are causing this issue, what doesn’t make sense is why with cpu rendering the ram usage doesn’t scale after every frame.

Well That’s positive to hear hopefully there is a fix. Im relatively new to this work and only do it sporadically so I have no idea how to resolve it atm, I appreciate the help mate.

Have you tried to do the rendering until the vram is full then stop the rendering and star from where it left?

Yes thats my only work around atm but my gpu takes around 1m per render and starts to throttle after 11 frames and my animations are 180 frames long so it’s less than ideal, I invested in a 4070 thinking I could run jobs overnight I feel like I should have put that money into a cpu now lol.

Is there a difference if you use CUDA instead of RTX? When my V-ray worked, I didn’t find RTX so very much faster than CUDA. Can’t test now.

When I use cuda sometimes it renders most of the time it crashes.