Sketchup Using 100% CPU usage after rendering in Vray. Sometimes its slow just messing with settings especially Light and Texture color

I just Build my PC with the latest CPU 13900k, 32g ram and the new RTX 4070 Founders Addition because I was having issues with my 2020 razer laptop and I still having problems with Sketchup and Vray being sluggish. A bit less than laptop. What Gives?

Firstly 64gb ram is better choice. And, more important, learn to optimize your files

32 isn’t enough? Ouch. I’m using 4GB! Maybe his problem isn’t memory related. Serious question, do poorly optimized drawings/models cause residual process issues? I ask because my drawings/models are not well optimized. :grin:

If you’re rendering with cpu it’s normal to have 100% of usage, but why don’t you render with gpu having the 4090? It’s a lot faster than with cpu.

It sounds as if he’s saying SU is using 100 percent CPU after he’s finished rendering in V-Ray. That is, he’s no longer using V-Ray (rendering) but for some reason SU is hogging all the cycles.

Sometimes my laptop remains sluggish after rendering and the only real fix is a restart. I can kill any residual processes and that frees up resources but the computer still feels slow. But then I’m on 4GB until my new laptop arrives, so it’s not exactly surprising. With 32GB? That surprises me.

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Never topped out on ram. it would stay around 60-80%. Although was thinking about going to 64gb. What do you mean by optimizing my files?


Sorry was suppose to be 4070. I use CPU for progressive rendering in the frame buffer till I do the main render.


Yes, after progressive render in frame buffer. I closed v-ray and SketchUp would still stay at 80-100% CPU Usage. When moving around I get that wireframe

Can you share your file to check what’s going on there?

By the way it’s founder edition not addition, I thought it was misspelled but just saw that your profile info says the same.