Sketchup is not using proper ram and using 100% cpu while rendering



Every time when i hit start render it took me half and hour even if i am using basic material and performing a normal render, when i checked task manager i got to know that ram used by sketchup while rendering is just 200-300 mb from 32 gb ram of my system .
i am attaching a screenshot for the same.
please help me and guide me how do i use maximum ram here,
in adding to it i have set dynamic memory limit to 20 gb even though y computer is using 100% spu rather then using more ram.
please guide me…!!



Rendering process doesn’t use your RAM. Vray can either use your CPU or GPU.


but it is using little bit i want to setup something like by that it uses more ram and free up my cpu

i am feeling like my 32 gb ram is west,isent it???


the working memory (aka RAM) has nothing to do with the main processor (aka CPU) doing all the modeling computation stuff or the graphics processor (aka GPU) processing the 3D display output…

… therefore nothing to configure, buy a faster CPU (single thread performance) and/or GPU (GeForce GTX 1070/1080) if you wanna accelerate SketchUp/V-Ray.


MSDN - Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases

INTEL - Memory Limits for Applications on Windows


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