Optimized rendering speed with Vray

Hey guys !

I’m currently try to render a large model. I just had a few questions on the most efficient way to render my scenes via Vray.
When it gives me the option to chose CUDA or RTX, which one should I chose for faster render times but still maintain quality. ?
Does Nvidias Creative Driver differ from Game Ready Driver?

Cpu: Intel core i7-8750 @2.20Ghz
Gpu: Geforce GTX 1060 16GB ram

Thanks in advanced !

you can choose RTX with a GTX card?

Yeah it gives me the option to. I dont know if there is any benefits though

Hi Alex.

If you have a GTX card you should use CUDA mode for your rendering.

I don’t have the exact information, but FOR ME the game-ready driver cause crash in V-Ray. The studio version is more stable in my machine.

PS: My card is GTX 1060