Vray Doesn't WORK

Hi ,
I have SketchUp 2017 pro and V-Ray 3.6 and I encountered a strange problem.
When I want to render my files I don’t have any problem except with my last project (file).
When I click to render it doesn’t work!! Frame Buffer is oppening but nothing happen.
File size is 58 Mega.
Can you please help?

Have you contacted Chaos Group Customer Support about this?

Not for the moment.
Do you have the link to them?

I supplied the link in my previous post.

Sorry, I don’t find it

Click on “Customer Support” in that post.


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Does any body have an Idea for the reason for such a problem?

You haven’t really provided anything useful that someone could use to diagnose the problem. You could share the SketchUp file (upload to Drop Box and share the link) so others using Vray can see what they get.

I am really sorry, I would really like to do it, but unfortunately the file is Copyright of my customer, so I am not allowed to share it :unamused:

Then this is basically like calling up an auto mechanic and saying only, “My car won’t run.” and expecting the mechanic to fix it over the phone with no information.

Yes, you are right.
I am really sorry for this.

Could just be a really big file, start a render and walk away for like 10 minutes, see if it eventually starts, I have noticed long hang times when starting a render of large files, depending on how powerful your machine is…

OK !! Good Idea !! I am going to give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have found the the problem and fixed it !!!
The reason was that the original file was made with diffetent Vray version from the one I am working with.
I had to do the following command:
“Wipe vray data from project”.
After doing this command, Rendering start working.
The new issue and problem is that this command purge all materials and lights from the past, and I have to set everything from the beginning :cry:.
Is there any solution for this?

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maybe this would have been a helpful info in your first post?