Problem with V-Ray 3.4

I’m new to Sketchup 2017. Its been more than a month. I was using Vray 3.6 trial version till now.
Now I’ve moved to Vray 3.4 but I’m not able to render my models.

The Asset Editor is available and accessible easily. But when I click on the render button, nothing happens. Different status messages such as initialising renderer, parsing geometry appear but the frame buffer window does not come up and no rendering happens. What’s more weird is that if I open a new Sketchup file, I am able to render in a normal fashion.

I’m really clueless what is going on here. Some help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Or if there is any other way I could get hold of a working version of Vray, that would work too.
Thanks in advance!


You should Contact Vray’s technical support or ask on their forum. I assume you purchased the Vray license from them so you should be entitled to their tech support.

Hi Dave, I have not purchased the license.

I think your license is expired.

@robertjuch Yes, it has. I’m running Vray through another arrangement.

You should upgrade to 3.6 with official license as cracked versions of VRAY can have problems due to the way Chaos Group has set up its licensing server. Problem sounds like a bad material though. Did you render with Material Override on? There’s no easy way to know for sure but you could remove any components that came from online a few at a time and see if you can pin-point which file is corrupted or causing the render problem.

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Are you saying that you stole it and now you’re complaining that it doesn’t work?



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