Vray 3.4 bug splat . Plzz help

Hi everyone, i just got a new pc and installed sketchup pro 2017 and vray 3.4 but every time i click on any items of vray it shut downs and a bug splat eror appears. I dont know what to do . I even tried it in sketchup 2016 and got the same results . I really need this to be fixed soon or im gonna fail my classes . Please help me . Thank u so much

There isn’t a lot to go off of here. Do you have an official purchased version of both SketchUp and VRAY as cracks can cause problems. Is it with all of your models or just a particular one? Have you contacted Chaos Group to make sure you have everything installed properly? Have you tried reinstalling VRAY?

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No . Im from iran and we cant buy officall versions here . And i tried reinstalling both sketchup and vray thousands of time . And yes its in all of my models

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