Rendering slow with Vray

model takes too long in building light cache in a test rendering of exterior

What rendering program are you referring to?

vray sketchup

There are lots of rendering applications out there. You need to indicate which renderer you’re using when you post. I moved the thread to the correct forum, too.

How long is too long? Please be more descriptive in what the render is doing. Maybe even upload a model screenshot and your vray settings.

it has taken close to 3 hours now and its just test rendering option i picked from the preset option. the only thing i change in the vray setting was just the environment- background option to an hdri map


Maybe upload the model as it’s hard to say what’s causing the problem.

To try to narrow it down, I typically start by doing a materials override render to see if that helps.

Then I try a render with different entourage groups either turned off or saved separately and then deleted and purged from model…sometimes a model from 3D warehouse, etc has a bad material reference that can cause problems.

Next, save a copy of your model and reset VRAY settings to default. That may help indicate there’s a problem with one of your settings.

Once those are checked we can try other things.

There is also no information about Vray version (1, 2, 3 or 3.6).

Could also be you computer / SU version / Graphics card issue. Do you normally have fast renders and only this one is slow?