Desperate help with vray 3

Hello all,

I am new here, and came to seek desperate help.

Ive been trying to render an iterior scene but it takes forever.
I am working on win 10 64-bit, I7 procecor latest model, 16 gb ram and nvidia rtx 2060 6 gb.
the scene has sun light and 3 more light sources, no hdri image as background, and most materials are default sketchup except 2 wood textures I prepared.
I tried rendering in low and medium quaility + denoiser, tried custom settings and tried iraddience map + light cache and brute force + light cache.

I’v been trying for a week now! render time in multiple attempts was at 20-30% after 24 hours of render…

I’ll be greatfull for any help,

thank you!

Looks like you don’t have GPU rendering on. But even then you should t have to wait a day for a rendering using an i7. Perhaps you should go ask about this in the Vray forums?

An image of the model would help to understand the complexity…

Hey guys,

As it turns out, there was a map on the reflection parameter that slowed down the render time.
Without it, render times are much more reasonable.

Watch out from those…!