Vray awful render, urgent help!

This keeps happening when I try to render. no materials are showing properly and there appears to be big blocks of random colour in the way. also light/shadows won’t work like it’s meant to. please help!!

Hi. Let’s try to deal with one problem at a time…Starting with which version of V-Ray are you using? Have you taken any lessons or courses to learn V-Ray? Does this problem happen often or is this the first time? It looks like there is a section cut in there that you can try deleting and re-rendering.

As far as materials and light/shadow are concerned, can you be more specific as to what is wrong?

Also, it would help if you update your profile information. Which Mac OS are you using, El Capitan, Catalina? And all computers have graphics cards. Go to the apple icon and then to ‘about this mac’ to see what you have:

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 9.26.39 PM

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Hello, do you have an active section cut ?
If you do, having badly oriented faces can cause this