Rendering Issue in V Ray Vision for Sketchup

Hi, I am currently using the free trial of V-ray for sketch to test the platform as I am new to it and I am trying to render a design I have done. I am still getting to grips with all of the tools and reading and watching as much as possible but when I open up my render in V-ray vision, the design is all distorted and appears completely washed out and multi-coloured. I have attached an example screenshot.

Does anyone have any advice on what this could be? When I open the render in frame buffer, it works perfectly fine.

Thanks in advance

How does the render look when you save it as a .png/.jpg/.tif/etc.?

Why are you using Vision and not the standard render engine? Looks like a graphics card error given the pixelation/patterning on the image.

I was watching the Sketchup tutorials and noticed this error. what Redner engine are you referring too?

Thank you

Hi, This is the screen when I put it into V-Ray Frame Buffer. Does this help at all.

Many thanks

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Which version of V-Ray are you using?

I am using the 30 day free trail.

Many thanks

Yes. Big difference. Vision is a ‘Real time’ renderer and not the same as a static ‘ray-trace’ renderer. V-Ray ‘static’ or default rendering option will be your best for quality and accuracy.

I teach two V-Ray courses on SketchUp Campus - check them out if you haven’t already. Note that the exterior course is a little different since it was record with Versions 4 and 5. Most of the techniques still hold up…the big change is moving materials from the Asset Editor to Cosmos (ie cloud).

That’s not the version, I guess you’re using the latest one, vray 6.

Does vray can render with gpu on MacOS?

The version that we are using is V-ray 6, but I am rendering on a MacBook Air which doesn’t have the greatest graphics card. Looking to upgrade my equipment in the near future.

No. You need a Nvidia chip for GPU. CPU only for Mac.