VR Viewer first usage weirdness. Seems like a button is always pressed

After solving some other issues I’ve got to load a model in sketchup viewer for the first time today. Something has to be wrong because the experience is unresponsive to say the least.

Pushing a trigger on a menu will sometimes work after 2-3 seconds, sometimes seems to just not work. A weird thing happens when trying to move using the “Jump”, seems like camera will move even if i don’t click the trigger. Also moving the model seems to be always dragging instead when I push the trigger only.

It feels like if some button is always pressed or something similar making the whole UI and experience not usable.

My first suspect was the Vive Cosmos controllers. Maybe they are not very well supported? I’m currently out of ideas what to try next, any help would be appreciated.

Hi again. I’ve realized what’s going on. The Cosmos controller has 2 analogic triggers. The one used by Sketchup Viewer has a long path. The thing is SketchupViewer will consider the slightest touch on this trigger an action. And the trigger seems is very sensitive. This means that simply laying your finger on the trigger on a natural position will make the controller fire a lot of actions and the VR viewer will take them as a “click”.

The “solution” is to grip the controller with an open hand, avoiding even the smallest touch to the trigger. When you need to “click” then you slightly touch the trigger.

A solution for this would be welcome, because while its usable using the open hand grip, it’s hard to control, people will lay their hand on the trigger and start moving without wanting. Not ok for a comercial presentation with first time VR users.

Have a good day!

Thanks for reporting back.