VR viewer - SketchUp

I am trying the VR-viewer app together with the VR- extension in SketchUp. I am using an HTC Vive Pro headset. The app works fine with the headset, it is responding to headset movements etc and the Controls are also visible in the app. However, when I’m trying to send a model from SketchUp to the viewer the extension in SketchUp freezes. It seems to identify the connection to the viewer but when I click the “publish” button, it displays the “Working rotating wheel” but nothing happens. There seems to an issue with the transfer of the model from SketchUp to the viewer. Greatful for hints on what can be the problem and what can be done.


You could try doing a repair on the installation:
Close SketchUp, first.
Search for the installer file or download the most recent, right click on it and choose ‘Run as Administrator’
When prompted, choose repair.
Once installed, start it up and try accessing the Headset, again.
If it doesn’t, stop SketchUp again.
Now install the extension exe file by right clicking and choosing ’ Run as Admin’ also.
Does it work, now?

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