Vive Cosmos and SU Viewer for VR problem: no menu

Hi there.

Recently we got a Vive Cosmos to explore our models in VR. Unfortunately we haven’t been able yet. We followed all instructions but when Sketchup Viewer for VR loads on the headset I can see the horizon, a blue sky and and greenish ground. I also see the controllers and a small blue sphere over the right controller but I can’t do anything else. Judging from screenshots and the user guide I’m missing the main menu window where I select what model to load. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any support.

Do you see a beam from the right controller, with a little menu icon at the end? If you do, pull the trigger to place the menu in that direction. If you don’t, look down to see if the menu is there.

Thanks for the fast response. We got this kinda solved.

After some reading we realized the perpetual license we had is not VR viewer compatible. After installing the 2020 Studio demo version the VR viewer started showing the login menu at least. My guess is VR viewer was locating the perpetual license and didn’t work properly or show any error about it.

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