Volumes/solids not remaining intact with dae export

I have models of buildings that I ‘clean’ in sketchup2015 Make so that they are a closed solid (using TT’s extensions) in windows 7. These buildings were derived photogrametrically so define the roof shape. I then export them to collada in 2017PRO, in windows 10. Waiting for upgrades from the boss…
I have observed that sometimes more complicated objects export more reliably in 2017Pro (windows7). My dilemma is that these exported dae files are no longer ‘solids’. When I load them into my 3rd party application in windows7, they are not solids. On analysis in sketchup 2015 when I import them back, they are components, not groups and they are also not solids. If I explode and regroup I sometimes get volumes but often have to run the solid tool again which shows new errors. So my question is: does anyone have any experience with what might be causing the ‘instability’? It’s not the 3rd party app that’s the problem as sketchup 2015 agrees with it. I’m thinking it could be the sketchup versions hopping, the collada export tool, the windows OS hopping, the TT tool, some other data corruption that my current tool selection isn’t identifying… On export to dae, I always select triangulate faces as my app uses triangles to define objects. Is this something that just happens if the object is ‘too complex’ for a collada file? Am I doing something too silly? Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed at the possibilities, hence the general shout out. If I cant make solids, I’m wasting my time… Anyone got any hints…Pleease.

Firstly, for anyone to give detailed advice, example files are a must.
(An SKP before “cleanup”, an skp before export. A DAE after export.
A 3rd party file before export to SKP. The round trip file after re-import.)

Well I think SketchUp still exports the to the same old DAE version (not the latest.)
Keep in mind that SketchUp’s idea of a “solid” may differ from what Khronos DAE considers a solid, and further from what various 3rd party applications use as a solid. (So there may be “solid translation” going on during export and import. Ie, SketchUp is not a true solid modeler.)

Check revision history / Issues for the TT CleanUp or TT Solid Inspector plugins.
Check Release Notes for SketchUp.

Thank Dan. That is helpful. You have given me some clues. Sorry no file, I didn’t want to upload a file as its too rampant to pinpoint at this stage. I was suspecting a ‘solid translation’ but one needs to be careful using such blame as scapegoats. And of course it doesn’t give you a fix. I’m off to fish some more.

Uh huh, but as a matter of course, if you were to contact SketchUp Technical Support, they’d ask for example files first thing out of the gate. (The concept of reproducibility.)

Also: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help

Yuup. I’ve decided to give that a go and see what happens. Maybe there is a workaround I haven’t thought of. I’ll start a new query as I will word the question differently.

What do your export options look like?
I would guess that exporting edges or two-sided faces would break the solidity.


I export ‘triangulate all faces’ and ‘export hidden geometry’ only. I am under the impression that the others would either cause problems or be unnecessary. It’s a simple structure with no components or textures.

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