I've having problems understanding something

Hi all,

I’ve been using sketchup on and off, but today did a quick test on something to export to .dea file (colleda) to use in second life, while the export works but didn;t work was the said object isn’t solid.

So looking into outer shell and solid tools and keep getting no solid or something like that, does anyone have any ideas how I can export a simple box house to .dea and make it all solid as in term of not being able to walk though the box, for example not falling though the floor or walk though the wall.

Thanks in advance, PJ

In SketchUp terms (and if I understand you right, in Second Life terms, too) a “Solid” is a collection of faces that define a closed volume, with no holes or extra edges or faces that have edges that are not attached to other faces. Additionally, in SketchUp, to count as a solid the object has to be a group or component. The Outer Shell tool or the Solid tools in SketchUp Pro only work with objects that already are solids.

If you make your house into a group, and look at its Entity Info and it doesn’t identify it as a solid, and you yourself don’t see in it modelling errors like I described, you can download and install TT:s “Solid Inspector” plugin from the Extensions Warehouse. It helps you to locate the leaks and extraneous pieces of geometry.


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Yes, that right, for example create a floor you expect the floor to be solid without you dropping though the floor.

SO need to learn how to group or to make them component then.