Collada export breaking solid

A fix or workaround would be appreciated. I have uploaded my skp of a building I have cleaned and made solid with the solid inspector2 (that was quite a learning curve). I then group it and export as a .dae however this export is breaking the topology so my object is no longer a solid. I am using SketchUp Make 2015 in windows 7. I have tried exporting it out using SketchUp Pro 2017 and I have experienced some improvement (sometimes) but this has shown itself to not be a robust fix. Neither is doing it with windows10. I export out with triangulated faces and have reimported merging coplanar faces, and not.
I need my object closed. How can I get it out of SketchUp where its still closed? Or how can I get my object to a closed collada?
cityhall_raw_2015_3exported.dae (323.0 KB)
cityhall_raw_2015_3.skp (139.3 KB)

I don’t really think you were doing anything wrong. I see the same problem here on SketchUp 2018 with your model. If I export it as collada, then reimport it to SketchUp, it no longer passes the solid test in SketchUp and Solid Inspector2.

I looked at it in Blender and tidied it up there. Try this:

cityhall GM.dae (70.7 KB)

Sorry I can’t remember exactly what I did, but there were a lot less problems than that reported in SketchUp when I imported the DAE in there. I joined all the objects into one, then SketchUp only showed two problem edges and I fixed those.

You didn’t say what the other program you were using was, but maybe you’ll just have to do some cleanup in that program instead of SketchUp. Just because this is working for me here doesn’t mean it will work in your other program.

After cleaning up, now I can export it from SketchUp as DAE and reimport it and it is still solid. Maybe it can be put down to round-off errors in some geometry that is almost non-planar and if it gets altered slightly, it is no longer planar. I didn’t have missing faces, just holes in the mesh needing stitched together

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Hi McGordon

We are on a very similar frequency. I have also noticed some seemingly stronger functions in Blender wrt Collada and solids. If blows my mind as that’s Open Source….still need to learn how to drive it as its very different.

My third party application is ESRI software and they don’t have tools for cleaning or fixing the manifold. So far it and SketchUp agree when things are broken (haven’t tested Blender much there). It made sense for me to stick with SketchUp for fixing as it’s so well-known and proprietary, with Collada being an open standard…. Also Trimble have developed tools linking survey and architecture so we know it’s ‘live’. Compared to Blender which seems to be super big on animation which is not my field.

Your idea of a rounding error sounds interesting but I don’t think I can do anything about that. Surely it’s up to the developers… So I had to raise this as, if I’m not doing anything wrong and you can recreate it, surely it’s a bug? Does that mean I raise this in a different section or will the developers pick it up here?

Feeling super frustrated as I took a calculated gamble and put a lot of time into learning SketchUp and now it looks like I need to ‘migrate’.



Yup, that was me. Doing a general call out before narrowing down the question. Thought I was going mad.

Hi There

This mail is to help anyone looking for a workaround. I have found that I can save the skp to v6 and the ESRI software (10.4) will import that, with the topology still closed (once so far anyway). I’m going to proceed along those lines for now (so much for going forward). I still have to use Blender as many of my Collada imports fail in Sketchup unless I first import, save and export to new Collada files in Blender first. But that’s a different story that needs more detangling before posting. Blender seems awesome but I don’t feel ready to go on that learning curve just yet.

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