Volume Not showing in Entity Info?

Hi, i’m New in town. Not sure if this where i’m supposed to post this help question. But, i’m trying to find the volume of a foundation model I made. I understand I am to make the foundation a group and then check the Entity Info to see the Volume of said group. Whenever I click the group and check the entity info, there is no Volume tab?

Can someone help or clarify?

I can send the file as well


That would imply that the group is not solid. There’s a hole or something. Upload the SKP file so we can see and tell you exactly what the issue is.

It is extremely common to create what you think is a solid but for it to fail in some unnoticeable way. Thomthom’s Solid Inspector 2 is a must have extension for me. It not only identifies groups and components that fail the acid test, it tells you how and oftentimes can fix defects automatically.

To get a volume report, your solid has to be watertight.

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181121 - CABOT foundation.skp (232.7 KB)

Thanks for getting back so soon, Ive attacehd the file.

The group isn’t solid because there were stray edges and internal faces.

Fixt. Volume reported.


Wow thank you! that helps so much! Volume is 2159 ish Ft³. ill have to download the plugin Solid inspector ²!

can you send the fixed model back please too.

Thank You again

181121 - CABOT foundation.skp (230.6 KB)