Cant find volume

Hi all, I’m new here…

I’m just trying to get the volume of a box.
Google searching said that if I make the box into a group, volume should be in the entity drop down… Not there…

tried SU 2017. wasn’t there.
imported the box into the web based SU and its not there either…

Each surface shows an area but I cant find where the volume is.

Please help.

creating a group is not sufficient, it needs to be watertight sothat grouping will create a grouped Solid which will be denoted as such in the “Element Info” tab incl. the volume.

So it has a leak… I figured that was the only explanation…
Any easy way to find said leak?

“Window > Extension Warehouse > Solid Inspector²

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Also Make sure you have enough of the entity info window showing.

2 stray edges.
what a noob lol

thanx so much for your help.

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