Cant calculate volume


I have a topo model that I extruded with Architect Tools and I want to look at the volume of the model but for some reason it doesn’t show in the Entity Info.

Topo2.skp (1.8 MB)


In order to show a volume in Entity Info, two things have to be true:

  1. Your geometry must be in a group or component. Yours is in a group, so that’s OK
  2. Your geometry must be recognized by SketchUp as a solid. Here’s where your model fails.

I used the Solid Inspector² Extension to check, and you had 47 “stray edges” - which I allowed the extension to fix. After I did that, the group shows as “solid” with the enclosed volume.

Here’s the fixed file:
Topo2fixed.skp (1.8 MB)


Great thanks! I was looking everywhere for a gap in the geometry. I guess I should probably download the solid inspector.


Highly recommended! It’s my most used extension.


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