Volume unavailable in 2024 entity info

I’ve been using 2023 until this morning, now in 2024 I can’t get a volume out of entity info. I have utilized solid inspector as I have always done (I’ve built hundreds of models just like this using the same process) and it shows no errors, but entity info is not displaying a volume. I have done an in depth manual inspection and I have recreated the model a second time from scratch.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with my model? Is this program or user error? I have attached a screenshot and the model file.

NoSolid.skp (1.1 MB)

Use Solid Inspector instead of Solid Inspector 2. Sometimes one will pick up something the other doesn’t.

The highlighted is shared by more than two faces. You need to either shoft the wall above it to overlap the yellow roof or shift it the other way to create a gap. That couldn’t be built exactly as you have it in reality, either.

Here I pull the end wall of the upper part over the yellow roof by 6 inches and erased the internal face. Now it’s solid.

Now Solid.skp (208.8 KB)

Thanks Dave. When I install solid inspector it gets stuck in a loop. I restart sketchup, it tells me i need to install this library. Whether I select download or open the file just restarts sketchup and then I get the same error message. Is this something with the extension you’ve seen before?
I see how that fixes it, and i’ll do the same but 1/4" rather than 6. This is actually how the surface planes align because what I am modeling is not actually the structural planes.

Did you install the current version of TT_Lib?

Don’t download or try opening the .rbz file. Use the Extension Warehouse UI to install bit TT_Lib and Solid Inspector.