Volume calculation question




I’m a new user and I’ve made a model of some walls that I have to pour in concrete. When I select the component the entity info doesn’t give me the volume. It’s not a complex shape but I must have done something incorrect along the way. Can someone tell me what error I’ve made?

Walls to north building.skp (68.2 KB)

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide.


The components need to be solid in order to display volumes. Solid Inspector2 shows what’s wrong with the gray component.

After those things are fixed, you can see there’s a volume in Entity Info.

The tan wall component has similar issues along with a missing face. Filling that face in results in a solid component and a volume. You can see the hole on the underside of the ledge on the near wall section.



Thanks for the help. I’ll download add the Solid Inspector plugin. That will help a lot

I appreciate your time with this.



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